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Bienvenidos a Baja Mexico Marine Extreme!

Sea of Cortez, Baja Mexico

Duration: 7 Days, 6 Nights

Tuition: $1890 from Cabo San Lucas or La Paz, Baja, Mexico. Tuition does NOT include Roundtrip airfare to/from Mexico.

June 3-9

June 10-16

June 17-23

June 23-29

June 30-July 6

Exciting Activities For All Skill Levels:

1. Snorkel and free dive among schools of colorful fish in the crystal clear
waters of the beautiful Sea of Cortez.

2. Swim with wild playful sea lions off the coast of Espiritu Santu Island.

3. Ocean kayak along hidden coves, rocky shoreline and beaches
spotting marine mammals and birds.

4. Learn about desert ecology and physical and behavioral adaptations that organisms have to survive this harsh habitat.

5. Work with local conservation organizations and participate in
data collection to contribute to field research.

6. Hike through pristine desert landscapes and swim in back country
canyons pools.

7. Camp under the stars on a desert island beach.

8. Practice your Spanish speaking skills in the bustling markets and with local artisans.

9. You will feel like a local, not a tourist, and see places and do activities most people don't even know about.

10. Dive into what world renowned marine conservationist Jacques Cousteau named the "World's Aquarium".


Education and Environmental Awareness

1. Identification of marine and desert plants and animals.

2. Introduction to subtropical and desert ecology.

3. Introduction to natural resource management.

4. Learn about Mexican Indian history and cultural awareness.

5. Local environmental issues awareness and conservation project participation.

6. Introduction to Baja Peninsula geology.

Everything is Bigger in the Sea of Cortez!
Baja Marine Extreme Photo Gallery

This is Wild Studies' BIGGEST most amazing adventure, yet. Breath-taking vistas and big wildlife encounters await around every corner. From desert trekking to snorkeling you are going to see and do more in one week than most people do in their entire lives. What is advertised on the itinerary is just a small sample of what Baja and the Sea of Cortez can offer you. In addition to all of the amazing places and animals we guarantee you will see in the itinerary, you may be one of the lucky ones to have a special snorkel with a giant and gentle filter feeding whale shark, gasp with joy at the sight of pods of playful dolphins, photograph spy-hopping Orca whales, or see a massive manta rays leap from the water.

Baja offers a wonderful adventure topside as well as we explore the arid landscape. One of the largest and best preserved deserts in Mexico, the Baja California Desert is home to many endemic and endangered species. The peninsula’s isolation is largely responsible for the high levels of endemism and diversity. Close to 500 species of plants, 4 amphibians, 43 reptiles, around 200 birds and over 50 mammals have adapted to difficult ecological conditions – from almost inhospitable hot and dry sand dunes, to nutrient-deficient soils in the mountains. Twenty-three percent of plant species in Baja California are endemic.

Free-diving, kayaking, camping, hiking, cultural immersion, and environmental stewardship activities make this the complete trip to Baja. Fun and engaging education programs will help you learn about the diverse flora and fauna that make the Baja Peninsula home and teach you ways you can help protect this place long after your trip is over. Wild Studies' participants gain real world field experience collecting data for environmental monitoring organizations and help make a positive difference for the planet through their life-changing adventure.


Baja MexicoBaja Mexico ActivitiesBaja Mexico Questions & AnswersFor StudentsFor Teachers